Start of the first-semester lectures (updated on September 23, 2020)

Dear students,

starting from next semester our University returns the place where learning and training take place thanks to the meeting among students, between students and professors, and within the university city.

Lessons of the course of study in Physics (Degree in Fisica and Master's Degree in Physics) will begin on Monday 28th September, following the timetable available on  Lessons schedule web site

Classrooms will have a reduced capacity to prevent Covid contagion and this means that very likely two shifts of class attendance will be scheduled: students will attend lessons in presence one week every two and in the other they will follow lessons online, from home. During the week in presence, students can attend all the courses included in their study plan.

Presentation of the First-cycle degree in Physics for students enrolled in the first year: Monday, September the 28th, h. 9-10.30 a.m Meeting ID Zoom: 920 3887 5001

Presentation of the Master degree in Physics for students enrolled in the first year: Monday, September the 28th, h. 11-12.30 a.m Meeting ID Zoom: 923 3482 6303

Id Zoom for attending the lessons scheduled next week are available at following link

To arrange the attendance shifts for in-class lectures you are kindly invited to fill in the online form

Please respond promptly, taking into account that we will give priority to answers in chronological order, i.e. who answers first will be assigned the first shifts depending on the Covid capacity of the classroom.

You will be informed about the shift schedule during the first week (28/09-02/10), when all lectures will be held remotely.

In order to ensure adequate information on how to access the classrooms and which are the safety protocols adopted, the lessons scheduled in the first week of the first semester (from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October) will be held only online. From the next one, face-to-face lessons will start based on shifts. Those of you who, for any reason, cannot be present in Padua can always follow the lessons online.

The teachers will inform you as soon as possible on the didactic and logistical organization of their respective courses. We kindly invite you to periodically check the official communication channels (University web page, social media of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, web page of the Course of Studies in Physics, Moodle) to be always updated on the latest news.

We are living in difficult times and we need to overcome complicated problems never faced before not even at the University level. Exceptional times inevitably require exceptional procedures, which necessarily requires our and your adaptability. We are doing our utmost efforts to ensure the opening of the course in total safety and we are confident that, after the inevitable initial running-in period, the opportunity to attend lessons in presence will be appreciated by all of you.

See you soon in class!

Prof. G. Mistura