How do I contact a Professor/Department?
If you know the name of the professor or the department, you can use the University Web Site address book.
If you are looking for the name of the professor then  you will need to know the type of program it is listed under:  Degree/and Degree Level (Bachelor/Master).
What topics are covered in the teaching of …. What are the reference books ?
Master’s ( 5 year program)

Where are the lesson times (timetable) published?
On the monitors in front of the Department's Reception area and at the entrance from Via Paolotti.
On the website: Bachelor, master degree

Is class attendance compulsory?
Information on the mandatory nature of  attendance is provided in the Academic Regulations.
The regulations are published on: under the School - Regulations section
Different study methods and schedules can be worked out for students who work, by reaching an agreement with the Teachers responsible for teaching the course, and then getting an approval by the Academic Council of the Aggregate Degree Course Council.
How and when should the study plan be presented?

What should I do if I want to transfer or change my degree course?
The office to contact is the Student Office information desk

What do I need to do to graduate?

Final exam First-cicle Degree

Final exam Second-cicle Degree