For students enrolled under the following statute 270/04 and subsequent statutes

Study plans should be filled out online through Uniweb. The procedure is available:
- in autumn,  from the  7th to 26th of November, 2018;
- in spring, from the 14th of March to 4th of April, 2019;
- outside the periods  stated above, the procedure will be inactive.
This procedure is geared towards students enrolled in the second and third year of their degree program who have never presented a study plan or who would like to modify their existing study plans. The study plan will need to be filled out for the entire program (two years).
Students may:
- Opt for an auto-approved plan, in this case the elective credits will come from those suggested and the plan will be automatically approved by the curriculum Committee;
- Opt for a plan submitted for approval, which will be assessed by the Commission in the course of study, in this case the elective credits can come from courses available at the University; the activities should be coherent and consistent with the study plan. After the deadline, the student will receive an email that will notify the approval or non-approval (of said plan) with an explanatory note;

Who intends to present a open study plan should not fill it online but present it in paper form in the academic office (Dott.ssa Cesaro). The plan will be analyzed by the Study Plans Commission to see if it is scientifically consistent and meets the minimum requirements set for the Second-cycle Degree  in Physics that provide:
- the presence of courses in Physics Laboratory (FIS/01, 6 CFU) and Theoretical Physics (FIS/02, 6 CFU) for the curricula Physics of the Fundamental Interactions and Physics of the Universe or Models of Theoretical Physics (FIS/02 , 6 CFU) for the Physics of Matter curriculum;
-minimum 40 CFU of characterizing activities of between 6 and 27 CFU of Experimental application type (FIS/01 Experimental Physics), between 12 and 38 CFU of the theoretical type and of the foundations of physics (FIS/02 theoretical physics and mathematical methods), between 0 and 24 ECTS of Microphysical type and of the structure of the matter (FIS/03 Physics of the matter, FIS/04 Nuclear and subnuclear physics), between 0 and 18 CFU of the Astrophysical type (FIS/05 Astronomy and astrophysics);
- 12 to 24 CFU for similar or complementary training activities (BIO/09 - Physiology, BIO/10 - Biochemistry, FIS/01 - Experimental Physics, FIS/02 - Mathematical Physics Models and Mathematical Methods, FIS/03 - Physics of the subject , FIS/04 - Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, FIS/05 - Astronomy and Astrophysics, FIS/07 - Applied Physics (Cultural Heritage, Environmental, Biology and Medicine), FIS/08 - Didactics and History of Physics, INF/01 - Computer Science, ING-INF/05 - Information Processing Systems, MAT/07 - Mathematical Physics, SECS-S/01 - Statistics, SECS-S/02 - Statistics for Experimental and Technological Research);
- a final thesis from 42 CFU.
Students interested in a free study plan are invited to consult their supervisor or a teacher for the preparation of the plan.

CAN NOT BE INCLUDED  THE FIRST-CYCLE DEGREE EXAMINATIONS, if the student intends to pass them he can do it, the examinations will result in the certifications but they will remain out of study plan.



For students enrolled under statute 509/99 and four-year regulations

Send an email to:  attaching a list of complete CFU examinations and codes. If approved, the study plan will be communicated to the Student Office. If the study plan is not approved, the necessary changes to be made will be communicated.

Study Plan Commission

M. Lunardon marcello.lunardon(at)
P. Marchetti pieralberto.marchetti(at)